Right from my school days, computer was the thing which I always found interesting. I still can recall the day, I got my first PC – a desktop with windows 98. I used to do painting and gaming with it but I was always wondered how the things really work behind the screen or inside the CPU.

First time, I was introduced with term ‘programming’ was – my 6th standard when I got to know about BASIC and LOGO languages. And those small codes written in LOGO made me fall in love with programming. But unfortunately, at that stage I was not that much passionate and never thought about future in it. Still I continued to write those short codes in LOGO just to complete my school assignments. Then, in my 9th standard, I was introduced with C and HTML and that’s the moment I became passionate for it. I installed turbo C++ in my PC and started learning beyond the school syllabus.

This passion carried me through my education at MNNIT Allahabad where I found all resources I could have imagined as a kid. I learned new languages like C++, Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and other CS subjects and started competitive coding.

So now, this passion remains with me. There’s certainly yet more to explore, yet more to learn, yet more to build and yet so many problems to solve. And for this, I am ready with full curiosity just like a kid standing before his new PC.


R M S Public School



M S National Public School


1st-8th Standard

B D Goyal S V M Inter College


9th-12th Standard

Bansal Classes, Kota


IIT-JEE Preparation

MNNIT Allahabad, Prayagraj


B.Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engineering)

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